Cayenne Thai Silk Curtain

Jennifer from Clarksville , 17 Jul: I don’t like the material and the olive isn’t what I was expecting. Bought these black outs for my son’s room. The olive color is nice and matched the photo online. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on curtains that will probably change with his room decor in a few years.

Dawn from Chattanooga , 23 Feb: Most importantly they keep my loft cooler. I bought the ivory color for the nursery and figure it can be used for any room in future since it is neutral. It is perfect to block out light for naps. We used two 2-panel sets for several windows in the room and it has worked like a dream.

May from Lancaster , 16 Jul: They look so nice and they really work. They keep out the majority of the light and all of the heat. Our room is so much darker, warmer when it needs to be and cooler when it needs to be. I bought these curtains in pink for my daughter’s room.

Joey from Cape Coral , 16 Apr: I get the morning sun in my room, this is where they’re hung, and I can sleep in better than my old curtains. I bought these to keep the light out in our sons room. The Navy Blue is really nice and they feel great. They keep probably 99% of the light out and the room is much cooler. They are already sleeping later!

Crystal from Colorado Springs , 06 Jul: They just seem to hang there. They serve their purpose but would love a print or something to liven them up a bit. The grommet detail was greatly appreciated.

Selma from Columbus , 01 Jun: I would definitely recommend them to anyone. I bought these for my fathers home and gave them to him for Christmas. They were very nice and hung up nicely. His room was completly dark, no light came in!!

Augusta from Clarksville , 20 Jul: This is the reason I ordered 3 pairs for my sun room. I bought two of the beige color; they matched; and they worked well for me. I’m not using them now because I have moved where the place now has longer windows, but for the time these were in use they were great. I wish my current windows were still below 63″ in height so I could still use these. I could sleep when it’s bright outside, and I was able to sleep when the sun hits my then bedroom window during the weekends.

Bertha from Waco , 04 Mar: THey are wonderful light blocking, and add rich color to any room. The fabric is high quality, and any wrinkles hung out of them within a day. Well made rings along the top make for easy back and forth sliding on the curtain rod. Very happy with these!

Iona from Port Arthur , 07 Dec: They always felt “cool breezes” from their patio doors which are located in both of their bedrooms. Colorado can have chilly breezy winds. Colors were great, they are thrilled, so am I! If you are thinking they are too much, these curtains are great!!!!

Davina from Enid , 23 Jun: I accent the room with red. The drapes hang great and within a few days all the creases fall out – so no steaming. Good buy for the money. great value for blackout curtains also hang nicely The chocolate color is not as deep as I’d like (more milk chocolate than dark), but the panels are very soft and fairly heavy. I’m going to return these for a cheaper blackout curtain option I saw in one of the mega-stores that was a much deeper chocolate.

Marcie from New York City , 31 May: The texture and weight is very good and I like the options for hanging. We used the tabs and they pleat nicely.

Myra from Athens , 10 Dec: I did not want the sun beaming in back of the TV. The curtain looks a little different in the morning sun but at night they look a true baize. We purchased these curtains to cover three double windows and a single window in our three seasons room. We are extremely pleased with how well they block out the light (helping to keep the room cooler during our Sourthern spring/summer/fall months), and how attractive they look. The grommet top works well in our situation, as we like the curtains open during the morning, and close them before the afternoon sun begins shining into the room.

Paula from Tulsa , 14 Nov: We live in a place where the frogs are really loud at night, these curtains reduced the noise noticeably; it is much easier to get to sleep now. There is some light coming from around the curtains, but not through them! bought 3 pair of blackout drapes that are beautiful. I got 2 pair pink and 1 pair navy for the grandchildrens rooms.

Jacqueline from Baton Rouge , 27 Sep: I got the chocolate color and the fabric is rich and beautiful . I have been looking for a pair of Blackout curtains that were eye-pleasing in color, design and to block out the daylight, when desired. This curtain totally delivered.

Kirsten from Lancaster , 21 Mar: My husband works shift and we really needed curtains that would make it super dark in the bedroom during the day. We had bought (and spent much more) on curtains that didn’t work that well. These curtains are fantastic. They block out most of the light and make it nice and dark in there.

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Banded Pearl White Thai Silk With Kona Brown Velvet Curtain

Maude from Fort Wayne , 09 Aug: Sleeping late on the weekends is the norm now – thank goodness. I’ve recommended them to all my friends. I ordered these curtains mainly to keep the hot sun out this summer so time will tell if they help to keep the heat out. They look good and I am pleased with them so far. I am really happy with the quality and color of these curtains.

Louisa from Omaha , 02 Jun: it does everything it says it will do, it keeps the room cool in the summer and warmer in the winter, and cuts out the sunlight when needed. Has a litte bit of a polyester look, thought it would be a little more dull in fabric texture The wrinkles came out easily in dryer with with the wet cloth. Then ready to hang.

Hannah from Augusta , 10 Feb: curtains were great. however, shame on me, I loved that other users said the gray had a blue-ish tint to it….that is what I wanted, a blue gray curtain. To me they are clearly gray! Regardless, that is not the manufacturers fault…they are good quality! I really love these drapes for my bedroom.

Jane from Mesa , 07 Jan: While you can find cheaper options, these curtains are truly blackout curtains. These are great- our room is dark, can tell the difference! They hang nicely….should have ordered them a lot sooner! Am looking to order same kind, different color for another room…. Purchased the Grommet top Thermal Insultated 84″ blackout curtains for a large sliding glass door at my family’s shore house.

Judith from Montgomery , 20 Feb: I purchased the light blue and worried they wouldn’t block out the light, but was pleasantly surprised. They really work. I won’t say it blocks all the light, but does exactly what I needed.

Fiona from Winston-Salem , 04 Apr: They may be effective in blocking out sun and heat, but the fabric is so gross they will not hang in my house. They do a great job reducing the heat in our sun room. Great curtains. Did what I was looking for: to block daylight in the bedroom. Well made & smooth fabric.

June from Charleston , 17 Jan: When I was looking for new, decorative curtains for my living room, I noticed these room darkening curtains and thought I would give them a try. Previous descriptions are correct in that the fabric is very unusual, but heavy and rich looking.

Dorothy from Amarillo , 09 Apr: I will always shop here I have never been disappointed and the shipping is so fast! I love eshop and will continue to shop here.

Kirsten from Suffolk , 20 Sep: I also decided against paying for faster shipping and just did the $1 shipping and got them in literally 2 days- I was very happy. I am thinking about purchasing a set for my babies’ nursery since their window is a bit drafty also.

Lois from Anchorage , 17 Oct: These curtains are fantastic. I work midnights and they keep the light out so I get a good “day’s” sleep.

Charity from California City , 10 Apr: My only disappointment came with the varying lengths of the drapes. One panel was 84″ and the next 83 1/2″. The range between the 8 panels I bought was a whopping 1.5″. I am now having to pay a seamstress (I don’t know my way around a needle and thread very well) to make the drapes uniform in length.

Mavis from Preston , 28 Feb: They do need ironing befor you hang them but once I got them up they look great. I bought 2 sets for my living room of the 83″ curtains. Loved them, so I bought the choc.

Lauren from Winston-Salem , 16 Jan: waste of money. navy color is very nice though. I needed light blocking cutains…but not in a dark color. These panels fit the bill perfectly! Beautiful color and material is soft …but heavy.

Victoria from Anchorage , 28 Oct: Excellent product..good job eshop! Great product. Very happy wiht the color, size and quality. Perfect for day sleepers!

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Ruched Gold Dust Thai Silk Curtain

Joanna from Laredo , 17 Dec: I will say that the 1 star is worth it since the material feels nice and the customer service (I used the chat function to do my returns) was wonderful. The curtains were great material, however, the color I needed was a lighter beige…more like ivory. I thought that by the color image it would be light enough, but when I received them, the color was too dark for what I was looking for.

Delia from Wichita Falls , 19 Dec: Not fancy, but perfect for a casual room. The olive is a nice ‘military’ color ~ not too green. These curtains are fine. We bought them for our daughter’s nursery, and they work well for basic curtains. They do feel like a smooth polyester suit, but we are fine with that.

Rhonda from Milwaukee , 13 Sep: I hadn’t really considered that as an option. However, once we hung the curtains and could see them in the room they are in, it’s just fine. Very happy with our purchase!

Lorna from Norman , 13 Jan: You can use different curtain rods so that was a extra bonus. I brought the beige and they were a nice color and I thought made the room dark.

Lettice from Butte , 06 May: My baby is a light sleeper and very sensitive to light on his face in the morning. I think these curtains will be perfect. Not only do they match his bedding set perfectly they do the job of darkening his room as well. We have a projector, so it’s very important that we keep our living room dark.

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Burma Faux Silk Taffeta Stripe Curtain

Innogen from Boulder City , 02 Jul: I can’t say enough about these curtains, I think they are perfect in every way. There were tie backs included, which I won’t need to use because I chose to use rings with the rods, so the curtains can be opened and closed very easily.

Genevieve from Independence , 25 Oct: But I tried again and ordered the black. They look awesome!! The fabric is really silky smooth!! Great product!! Nice curtains.

Irene from Boulder City , 20 Nov: i was not sure about the quality but the description was very accurate. these curtains greatly exceeded my expectations. excellent product. Works well, but one panel was an inch longer.

Amy from Columbus , 07 Oct: They hang really nice and they are perfect for what I needed them for. These are fantastic!! They feel expensive and look even better, but my main reason for buying them was to block out the sun during the day…they work!!!

Sylvia from Cusseta , 22 Oct: The chocolate and olive curtains really block out the light (more so the chocolate.) The beige are also good for blocking the light considereing the lighter color. All help to block noise. Have put these curtains into two difference residences and have received compliments, like “where did you get them?” Have boughgt the rod pocket and the groment top.

Myrna from Edmond , 18 May: They seem to work well as both black-out and insultating. I will purchase another set for my den.

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British Tan Vintage Cotton Velvet Curtain

Talitha from Denver , 17 Oct: The price for these is a steal, for the quality. Highly recommend. These panels are nice and thick! I ordered the navy and tan pair. What caught my attention is they’re black out but they’re also sound barriers which I needed so badly!

Glenda from Palm Springs , 13 Apr: I bought these panels for the nursery which has west-facing windows and has really strong afternoon sun. I bought both a turquoise and a chocolate colored panels, and the chocolate one does a really good job of blocking out light. The turquoise one let light through, so I had to return it.

Ada from Huntsville , 06 Sep: But if you want truly blackout and insulated thermal curtains….then these are not the ones and the title of these and the details LIE! I returned these curtains beacause the color didn’t work for me….they were grape. I wasn’t crazy about the quality of the fabric either.

Priscilla from Toledo , 05 Jun: A quick steam left them wrinkle free. I am so pleased with the quality and expensive look of these curtains.

Melissa from Clarksville , 18 Jul: I realize they’re not drapes, but in the picture, you don’t see the shape of the window behind them so I thought they were a heavier material. I am still happy with them and glad I bought them.

Myra from Milwaukee , 25 Dec: Not only do the curtains completely block the nighttime city lights, but they also completely block the sun from the west. The other reviewers’ observations in temperature reduction for a room with these curtains also holds true. The hidden tab tops were a snap to install, and give the hung panels a polished look.

Ruth from San Diego , 28 Sep: Thanks!!! Purchased 2 of these for my family/media room.

Sarah from Montgomery , 16 Dec: I would definitely recommend them to anyone. I bought these for my fathers home and gave them to him for Christmas. They were very nice and hung up nicely. His room was completly dark, no light came in!! They were perfect for him to help sleep at night!!

May from Fremont , 30 Jun: We bought these for our bedroom so that the sun didn’t wake us in the am..They do a fantastic Job. Great Quality…Washing them is a ease…wash and then pop in dryer on low!

Lettice from Chicago , 14 Dec: They work darkening a room, keeping it cool in the summer and warm in the winter.I would recommend them to anyone. These drapes were one of the first things i ordered from eshop and they were EVERYTHING I hoped they would be! They arrived very quickly. Their width enabled me to use one panel for each of my windows; cutting my cost in half.

Ida from Chesapeake , 20 Feb: I imagine the darker colors may have a touch better blackout quality. Speaking of color, I purchased the light tan ones and they are light tan, as I expected, and just as pictured on my computer… Thermal Quality: I live in Denver CO and have only had them through the winter months.

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Cabo Mist Raw Silk Swatch

Claribel from Virginia Beach , 04 Jun: Those curtains really do block the light close to 100%; the reason why some light still filters, as some shoppers have noted here, is because the rods are not absolutely flush to the wall, and seldom can be; in my case, light comes out from the top, because the window reaches all the way up to to the ceiling. But that’s really not the fault of the curtains: they are perfect. They also look and feel good and can be opened and closed very easily as they slide very well on the rod. I wish I had bought those two years ago instead of having custom-made, heavy lined curtains which were cumbersome and not as effective — and cost six times more!

Davina from Juneau , 06 Jan: They block the sun nicely. My only suggestion would be to buy a rod that is very close to the wall because sun does come in the room, but only around the curtains from where they are not flush against the wall.

Nancy from Anchorage , 04 Aug: I ordered the gray curtains. Please note they are much lighter in color than pictured.

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Cabo Mist Raw Silk Curtain

Mabel from Kansas City , 13 Jul: I really like that these are fashionable if I choose to pull them back, yet they also block-out all light when I close them.Great product! These curtains are of high quality and very attractive. They do a good job as blackout curtains and energy savers. I would recommend these curtains.

Alice from Springfield , 07 Jul: These curtains exceeded my expectations. They are of high quality fabric and construction. We installed them and two days later all the packing wrinkles had disappeared. I would definitely recommend these curtains and would order again. No complaints about the curtains at all.

Naila from Phoenix , 28 Nov: The room is blacked out, it’s amazing! . I couldn’t be happier with these curtains and wish I’d bought them years ago.

Maud from Cape Coral , 30 Dec: I have the burgandy, and they show burgandy from the outside of the window. I just prefer the look of white curtains from the outside of the house. I purchased these thermal black out curtains for my formal living room and connected dining room area, as they are located on the north and east side of my house. It is always cold in these rooms and I cannot maintain a level temperature between that area and the family room/kitchen, which stays about 7-10 degrees warmer. The first night that I put up the curtains it was less than 1 degree cooler in the living/dining room, which then allowed the heat to travel down the hall to the bedrooms.

Eunice from Juneau , 07 Mar: Great value and the length was great. Happy with the look, feel & the way they hang. Make my room much darker during the day just as they say-BlackOut. Haven’t had long enough to tell if they make my room warmer in the winter, which is a big deal to me living in the foot hills of the Rocky Mts.. I was looking for decent looking 63″ blackout curtains in navy blue.

Melissa from Babbitt , 12 Apr: i have already submitted my review the day i received the drapes but i will do it again, i was very pleased with my purchase NICE THERMAL/BLACKOUT CURTAINS. HANG WELL,FABRIC IS HEAVY ENOUGH TO DRAPE NICELY-LOVE TI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like these curtains a lot. Ordered them in blue. The color is very similar to online, they are not as bright blue as I had hoped they would be, definitely more of a muted, powder blue.

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Ruched Brown Gold Thai Silk Curtain

Innogen from Baltimore , 05 Jul: I ordered these because I needed blackout curtains to keep light out, and thermal curtains to keep heat in. I didn’t really care what they felt like, but these are WONDERFUL. Very satin-like, hangs very nicely.

Clementine from Cincinnati , 26 Jun: My neighbor leaves her light on overnite and it shines right in to my master bedroom. These block the light and in the daytime I open and the sunshine comes in. Perfect color. Perform as expected.

Faith from Cleveland , 06 Apr: too much light!!! I ordered these and I was the freaking household hero. Best money I spent online.

Hero from Oak Ridge , 19 May: He said that they do an excellent job blocking out the light. He said they look nice in his room too. I have not seen them personally since he is away at school in North Carolina and I am in Ohio so I cannot speak of the quality of the product, but he seems extremely happy with how they block out the light. Love the curtains! Arrived promptly, easy to hang and look great.

Cleo from North Las Vegas , 06 May: I was not that worried about the beige not keeping out ALL of the light as other reviewers had noted so I figured I was ok to buy a set and I love em’ so much so I just bought 2 more sets for the other bedrooms in my house. they feel and look great The product arrived very quickly and was easy to install, I am satisfied with the insulating and the look and feel of the drapes.I am thinking of buying another set for our bedroom. These are DEFINATELY not what I would call insulated curtains. They are extremely thin,and do not keep cold out. Although they keep out most of the sunlight, they are NOT the proffession ones used in hotels.

Talitha from Babbitt , 26 Oct: My wife absolutely love these silk panels! These are made of an excellent quality of silk with heavy 100% cotton backing. In the morning when the light hits it, they have just the right amount of shimmer! When closed they block out light and kept the room cool on warm days and warm on cool days.

Ruth from Unalaska , 14 Oct: at. The fabric is really nice.

Alvina from New York City , 20 Apr: You have make this ordereing and returning process so simple that I do thank you all so very much. It’s been a pleasure, even though these particular products didn’t work out for us, the others were fine,. The drapes are beautiful! They are very soft to the touch and I was able to put them on the 2″ rod without a problem.

Venetia from Yuma , 29 Jul: I am happy with this choice. I’m pleased with my purchase.

Felicity from San Antonio , 21 Sep: These curtains have worked out so well for sound/noise that I get from the noisy train just down the street. I sleep much better with almost all the train noise being blocked out at mostly night time. I enjoy the light so I only close at night time for deminise the sounds/noise.

Vera from Rome , 18 Mar: My apartment is in a pretty old house that, at this stage of the winter, I’m sure doesn’t have insulation. These curtains do help keep my room noticeable warmer. Amazing!

Marian from Salt Lake City , 20 Mar: I was afraid there would be too much brown in the color, but it was a true reddish burgundy. They blended perfectly. We have strong East sun coming in French doors and the sun is bleaching the wood floors. You also can’t view the TV when the sun is so bright. These drapes not only blocked out the sun, but also the cold.

Cleo from Beaumont , 09 Jun: Overall these were a great purchase and worth every penny. exactly what i was expecting, blackout curtains that look great.

Eva from Las Cruces , 12 Jun: A LOT less than buying patio drapes from Penny’s! I have 3 pairs of these drapes in different rooms that I bought 3 years ago.

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Cairo Dune Silk Stripe Curtain

Nancy from Milwaukee , 18 Jul: I priced them at different stores and found these to be the best value for the money.I live in Azx and the morning sun is brutal. They block all of the sun from shining into the bedroom in the morning. There was a slight difference in the length on each panel, but not that noticeable. I am however waiting for the wrinkles to come out, so far 4 days and still the same.

Madge from Apple Valley , 16 May: Wow! I never expected these curtains to be this nice for such a low price. I bought several sets for my living room. Now, I intend to buy more for other rooms in the house. What a great product!

Ida from Albuquerque , 15 May: I highly recommend, I just don’t know how anyone can be unhappy with them! Compared with the curtains I’ve seen locally, these are excellent quality and priced below market. They are attractive, easy to put up and work well with the rod I purchased from eshop.

Ivy from Sierra Vista , 03 Jun: I was impressed with the material and feel like it was a quality purchase. 63″ covers windows and allows for a bench to fit underneath, also the animals can’t reach the curtains!

Lois from Peoria , 15 Jun: They are not spectacular or exactly eye catching but are nice basic curtains. Better than you could buy at Target or a home improvement store. I actually returned them since I wanted a little more texture in my curtain fabric. Shopping online does not allow you to really know the fabric.

Autumn from Macon , 20 Oct: I did steam them before hanging them and everyone has commented how beautiful they are! I could not be happier with this purchase – unless of course, they had been free!!

Tara from Jacksonville , 13 Sep: These are NOT delicate, frilly, flowy curtains, but fit well into a more casual space or one with clean lines. When pulled back, each panel folds to just 3″, so if you’re going to extend your curtain rod beyond the window frame, keep this in mind. The room gets the hot afternoon sun and these keep it cool I needed something to block the sun from heating up our great room. These do the job perfectly.

Rosemary from San Diego , 15 Apr: I also believe they are blocking out sounds to some extent. The only bad part is the fact that since it is nice and dark, I do not want to get up, always think it is too early. Curtains were everything I expected and more!!! Fast shipment and decent price!!

Rhoda from Lawton , 05 Jan: I got better than I expected or better put, it was exactly as described. I am more than pleased and would recommend these without hesitation. They are also washable, hang well and look like curtains that cost 5x’s as much.

Selina from Fremont , 12 Oct: These are beautiful curtain panels. We will be putting more throughout our house. The fabric feels scrumptious.

Charity from Las Vegas , 31 Aug: The reviews said how nice they were so I took a chance. The one draw back. On reading reviews is that everyone’s tase is differentThese are cheap looking curtains. They may block out the light and insulate but ast ethically they are ugly.

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Brown Gold Thai Silk Curtain

Crystal from Beaumont , 22 Sep: I’m glad to see so far that my purchases with eshop have been right on. This makes me very happy! :) These curtains were the exact color that was shown online. They go so well with the paint in our room that I couldn’t believe it!

Lorna from Toledo , 07 Jan: They have tabs attached to the back where you run the rod through. This allows you to let them hang straight and makes it very easy to open and close them instead of using the tie backs. These curtains are beautiful. I had ordered a pair several months ago and decided that I would like to put these on another window. They are luxurious.

Marianne from Anaconda , 12 Feb: And shipping was super fast. Thank you, eshop! The curtains are nicer than I expected.

Myra from Chesapeake , 09 Jul: These draperies a great value and would make a beautiful addition to any home. I bought three different colors of these curtains for my livingroom. I wound up using all three and mixing them up. They are lustrous and warm and, with the three different tones, create an interesting look for a VERY LARGE set of windows that dominate 1 1/2 walls of the 3 walls of the room. The curtains have a tab sewn into the top already… so I was able to buy the IKEA track that hung from the ceiling and some IKEA hooks to hook into the tabs.

Mavis from Norman , 13 Mar: Drapes do what they were reported to do. I ordered two pair of these curtains in royal blue for my bedroom; 63″ long. The color is rich, the fabric is heavy and smooth-textured.

Opal from Portland , 22 Jul: They do come with tie-backs, HOWEVER the tie backs have cheap white loops to attach to a hook. You couldn’t use a regular hook unless you want the white loops to be seen.

Galenka from Indianapolis , 11 Feb: The spot did come out and I am very pleased with these curtains! These are the most beautiful and effective drapes I’ve ever owned.

Kathleen from Arlington , 20 Apr: The only high-maintenance thing I have had to do w/ these is that i have had to sew the loops back on the ends, as they are tugged on enough to pull out the large stitch. Otherwise, exactly what i needed! Exactly what I expected. The color was true and the quality was superb. This is a wonderful buy.

Hope from Bunnell , 17 Jun: I am very pleased with this purchase. Loved the color and quality of these curtains.

Daphne from Augusta , 05 Jul: Sometimes you just love material items, and these curtains are included in that category, for my daughter and me! I am nearly pleased with these curtains — they keep out light, sound, and heat. They aren’t rubbery or thick in appearance like other blackouts. The issue is with the workmanship. Of the 4 panels I purchased, one was an inch shorter than the other three.

Cheryl from Indianapolis , 16 Jun: These are wonderful! These curtains are really good. My son has a pair in his room and there is a pair in my bedroom. My husband bought them and it is one of the best things he bought for the house so far. Good value for the money!

Claribel from Columbia , 21 Oct: These curtains are great. They block out all light and don’t wrinkle. They are silky and beautiful! These drapes are so awsome and they are everything they say they are and more. They definetly block out the light and they are soft and flowing and look great.

Penelope from Macon , 19 Sep: The sun just shines through the door all day, heating up the house. I am very happy with my purchase, the curtains block both the sun and the heat. The fabric has a nice lightweight feel and they also hang beautifully. I needed two pairs and put them up right out of the package.

Marcia from Henderson , 21 Oct: My window faces west. When I hung the first one, you could see the sun shining on the opposite wall.

Marian from Tulsa , 26 Feb: High quality curtains. Second time I have purchased these curtains I liked them so much. I bought the red and the color is beautiful!!

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