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Development of aluminum electrolytic capacitor

Published:2013-11-06 11:30:06Click to rate:781

The current global aluminum electrolytic capacitor supply market matures,mainly concentrated in Japan, mainland China, Taiwan and South Korea and other areas. From the overall competition in recent years of industry,production of electrolytic capacitors. The Japanese began to shrinkproduction, replace sb. Is to follow the South Korean enterprises, Taiwan enterprises, enterprises in mainland china. Aluminum electrolytic capacitorof this product before 1978, in mainland China at that time is hightechnology products, and after thirty years of development, the aluminum electrolytic capacitor such products for the domestic production of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturers have not belong to high technology products. From a technical point of view, the capacitor some domestic well-known brand production has been completely replace thecapacitor abroad.

According to the "report" [1] data show that in 2010 global output of $5200000000 forecast the future development of Chinese aluminumelectrolytic capacitor industry and investment in 2013-2017 years, the last 7 years the average growth rate of 4%-5%, is expected to 2012 to$5500000000, to $6000000000 by 2015. From the global aluminumelectrolytic capacitor delivery, since 2010 there has been extendedphenomenon obviously, this implies that the industry is entering the rapid growth channel to a great extent.

Cost pressures and the downstream demand towards the effect of transfer in China, in recent years, the overseas well-known aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturers have to invest and set up factories in mainland china. So far, in addition to Rubycon has not picked a place outside, the rest of the world famous aluminum capacitor manufacturers have established production bases in China, China also behoove to become the world's largest aluminum electrolytic capacitor market, share than the steady rise. The prospective net thinks, aluminum electrolytic capacitor is growing steadily in the field of the traditional consumer electronics at the same time, the application field of the structure transformation andtechnological progress can be expanded in energy-saving lamps, inverter,new energy and other emerging areas. The national "Twelfth Five Year Plan" made it clear: promote the small and medium-sized city traffic,communication, power supply, water supply and drainage and other infrastructure integration and network development. The development of these emerging areas of the development of new materials productsdemand space, and as a national focus on the development of Chinesealuminum electrolytic capacitor industry will also get a huge development space.

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