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Aluminum electrolytic capacitor overview

Published:2013-11-06 11:31:15Click to rate:5025

Capacitor is one kind of energy storage component, for tuning, filtering,coupling, bypass, energy conversion and delay in the circuit. The capacitoris usually called a capacitor. According to the structure can be divided intofixed capacitors, semi variable capacitor, variable capacitor three.

It is made from aluminum cylinder as the cathode, and filled with liquid electrolyte, to do with the positive insert a curved aluminum

Capacitor electrode is called aluminum electrolytic capacitor. Its core is composed of anode aluminum foil, electrolyte soaked pad of paper,aluminium foil for cathode, overlapping natural oxide film formed by winding,core content

Leaching with an electrolyte aluminum and rubber cover closed up form anelectrolytic capacitor. Under normal circumstances,

There is a plastic casing are aluminum shell outside of aluminum electrolytic capacitor. Casing color be riotous with colour, it not only

In appearance, and has a specific meaning.

The characteristics of aluminum electrolytic capacitor, which is a large capacity, but the leakage of large, big error, poor stability, often used asAC bypass and filter, also used for signal coupling in the requirement is not high. Electrolytic capacitors have positive, negative points, can not be usedin reverse connection.

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